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Summer Programs

The Neurological and Rehabilitation Sciences Training Program will sponsor eight scholarships for the Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) offered to medical students and doctorate students in the Physical Therapy program in the School of Health Professions.  During the SRTP students participate in all phases of a project from early review of the literature to oral presentations of the results. 

The goal of the summer training program is to provide a complete, albeit abbreviated, training experience wherein students have the opportunity to:

  • develop/enhance skills to critically read and interpret biomedical literature;
  • to develop/enhance their ability to apply scientific reasoning to the problem-solving process;
  • to better understand the full process of biomedical, and specifically neurological and rehabilitation, research by hands-on experience in virtually all aspects of a basic, clinical, or behavioral science research project under the guidance of a faculty research mentor;
  • to develop/enhance scientific communication skills;
  • and, for some, to consider pursuit of a research career in academic medicine or to develop a participatory interest in collaborative research with established scientists.

Upon completion of the summer experience, trainees supply a draft of an abstract and PowerPoint presentation about their research project, which they then present during the Fall Retreat and the KUMC Student Research Forum in April.

A minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA as of the end of the first year of studies at KUMC is required for consideration. The School of Medicine and the School of Health Professions issue a call for applicants every year. Please apply through their application systems at that time.

Detailed Instructions

You will need the following documents to upload:

  1. Copy of your mentor's NIH Biosketch.  You should ask your mentor for an updated biosketch.  They will have a biosketch since it is fairly standard for every faculty member.
  2. Your CV (Curriculum Vitae).  The CV is the document that lists your employment, education, publications (if any), awards and any other information that is important for the review committee to know about you.
  3. A one page statement of your career goals.  How will this summer project help you in attaining your career goals?  What path do you see yourself following after medical school or after physical therapy program?  This personal statement is critical to the application.
  4. Up to 3 pages of a research proposal.  You should work with your mentor to develop the description of the research you propose to perform.  You should give a brief background to the problem; why is this research important?; what do you plan to do?;  what do you expect to observe? 

For specific annual deadlines and details of the program please contact Dr. Mike Werle at regarding School of Medicine applicants or Dr. Irina Smirnova at regarding School of Health Professions applicants.

Summer 2009 students / mentors were:

The summer program offers trainees a unique opportunity to interact with colleagues of diverse perspectives.  The Kluding lab from 2009 exemplifies this multidisciplinary research environment.
 Summer 2009 Students



Mentor School Completion Date  Degree
Natasha Ahmed Dr. Jeffrey Burns SOM June-12 MD
Kayla Marie Buehler Dr. Patricia Kluding SAH May-11 DPT
Michael Paul Campbell Dr. Richard Barohn SOM May-12 MD
Jennifer Lee Jones Dr. Patricia Kluding SOM May-12 MD
Diana Miriam Leitner Dr. John Stanford SOM May-12 MD
Sophia Ruth Maines Dr. Patricia Pohl SAH May-11 DPT
Erin Louise Musil Dr. Catherine Siengsukon SAH May-11 DPT
Jessica Witherspoon Dr. Irinia Smirnova SAH May-12 DPT & PhD

Summer 2010 students / mentors were: 

Student Mentor School Completion Date Degree
Omar Almoghrabi Dr. Randolph Nudo SoM 05/2013 MD
Erin Boidock Dr. Patricia Kluding SAH 05/2012 DPT
Krystal Hay Dr. Catherine Siengsukon SAH 05/2012 DPT
Sarah Kelting Dr. Richard Barohn SoM 05/2013 MD
Angela Lentz Drs. Neena Sharma & Carmen Cirstea SAH 05/2015 DPT-PhD
Sara Ratzki Dr. Wen Liu SAH 05/2012 DPT
Nolan Seim Dr. John Stanford SoM 05/2013 MD
Ryan Townley Dr. Jeff Burns SoM 05/2013 MD

Summer 2011 students / mentors were:

Student Mentor School Completion Date  Degree
Abigail Ashenden Dr. Sandra A Billinger SAH May-13 DPT
Amanda Britton Dr. Patricia Kluding  SAH May-13 DPT
Paul Enns Dr. Hinrich Staecker SOM May-14 MD
Brian Ervin Dr. Catherine Siengsukon SAH May-13 DPT
Patrick Gorman Dr. Neena Sharma SAH May-13 DPT
Matthew Leroy Dr. Michael Moncure SOH May-14 MD
Christopher Miller Dr. Rajesh Pahwa SOM May-14 MD
Simon Zhang Dr. Wen Liu SOM May-14 MD

Summer 2012 students / mentors were: 

Student Mentor School Completion Date  Degree
Garrett Blattner Catherine Siengsukon SHP May-14 DPT
Brianna Cowley Neena Sharma SHP May-14 DPT
Eric Funk Russell Swerdlow SoM May-15 MD
Brenda Hozie Wen Liu SHP May-14 DPT
Sara Karcher Sandra Billinger SHP May-14 DPT
Katherine Martin Patricia Kluding SHP May-14 DPT
Kelci McFarland Carmen Cirstea SHP May-14 DPT
James Odum John Stanford SoM May-15 MD
Peter Reisz Randolph Nudo SoM May-15 MD
Jennifer Strande Cary Savage SoM May-15 MD

Summer 2013 students / mentors were:

Student Mentor School Completion Date  Degree
Rachel August Jessie Huisinga SHP May-15 DPT
Christian Busch Neena Sharma SHP May-15 DPT
Payden Dowling  Catherine Siengsukon SHP May-15 DPT
Collin Kitzerow  Randolph Nudo SoM May-16 MD
Andre Koop  Andrei Belousov SoM May-16 MD
Nathan McGraw  Richard Barohn SoM May-16 MD
Mitchell Montgomery  Lisa Stehno-Bittel SHP May-15 DPT
Sara Nelson  Patricia Kluding SHP May-15 DPT
Colton Nielson  Jeffrey Burns SoM May-16 MD
Banaka Okwuone Stacey DeJong SHP May-15 DPT
Virginia Rogers Sandra Billinger SHP May-15 DPT


Summer 2014 students/mentors were:


Mentor School Completion Date  Degree
Connor Brass Rick Barohn SoM May-17 MD
Raymond Degan Wen Liu SHP May-16 DPT
Emily Gundy Neena Sharma SHP May-16 DPT
Deidre Leist Patricia Kluding SHP May-16 DPT
Marsha Newman Catherine Siengsukon SHP May-16 DPT
Brandon Ricke Faris Farassati SoM May-17 MD
Zachary Schwab Cary Savage SoM May-17 MD
Axel Shum Dianne Durham SoM May-17 MD

Summer 2015 students / mentors are:

Student Mentor School Completion Date  Degree
Constance Buckner Patrica Kluding SHP May-17 DPT
Emily Gundy Neena Sharma SHP May-16 DPT
Anthony Harrington  Mazen Dimachkie SoM May-18 MD
Christina Hughey  Russell Swerdlow SoM May-18 MD
Nickey Jafari  Peter Smith SoM May-18 MD
Sarah Kwapiszeski  Sandy Billinger SHP May-17 DPT
Marsha Newman  Katie Siengsukon SHP May-16 DPT
Drew Roach  Mamatha Pasnoor Som May-18 MD

Summer 2016 students/mentors are:

Student Mentor School Completion Date Degree
Paul Brungardt Janna Harris SoM May-19 MD
Constance Buckner Patricia Kluding SPH May-17 DPT
Tyler Bullis James Mitchell SoM May-19 MD
Sarah Kwapiszeski Sandy Billinger SPH May-17 DPT
Kathryn Mena Neena Sharma SPH May-18 DPT
Alaina Shine Sarah Soden SoM May-19 MD
Morgan Tyree Jason Rucker SPH May-18 DPT
Alexander Visk Doug Wright SoM May-19 MD

Summer 2017 students/mentors are:

Student Mentor School Completion Date Degree
Ashwaan Uddin Hannes Devos SoM 2020 MD
Kevin Williams Hannes Devos SHP 2019 DPT
Katie Kempf Sandy Billinger SHP 2019 DPT
Mary Kranick Jessie Huisinga SHP 2019 DPT
Bekah White Neil Segal SoM 2020 MD
Elisa Emanuelli Richard Schwend SoM 2020 MD
Andrew Hiett John T. Anderson SoM 2020 MD
Alicen Whitaker Sandy Billinger SHP 2019 DPT
Taylor Pfeifer Wen Liu SHP 2019 DPT

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