External Advisory Committee (EAC)

The major responsibilities of the EAC are to give advice and guidance to the IAC concerning research career opportunities in academia, to monitor program administration, and to make recommendations regarding programmatic offerings to ensure they are consistent with the training objectives.  The EAC will convene at KUMC during the retreat for meetings with the trainees and faculty, to attend a mini-symposium, and to develop recommendations for improving the program. The EAC is composed of three individuals from outside the University who have had extensive experience in neuroscience and rehabilitation science graduate training programs.  Members of the EAC are:

  • T. Ebner, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota, Professor and Head, Department of Neuroscience, Minneapolis, MN
  • C. Sisk, PhD, Michigan State University, University Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology, East Lansing, MI
  • S. Wolf, PhD, Emory University, Professor, Center for Rehabilitation Medicine, Atlanta, GA


Last modified: Jun 07, 2016