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The Landon Center on Aging serves as the coordinating body for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate education in geriatrics and the care of older adults patients.

The Landon Center on Aging has sponsored a required Geriatric Medicine clerkship for the last 28 years. We developed an innovative curriculum for a Year 3 clerkship in 1997, including fourteen web-based modules to offer a structured, learner-centered didactic curriculum. The modules are reinforced with facilitated small group discussions and standardized patient encounters. In conjunction with our Kansas Reynolds Program in Aging, the clerkship became a stand-alone Year 3 four week clerkship. It now offers 22 web-based modules, three workshops, two standardized patient experiences, and clinical care training.  Our innovative, case-oriented web-based curriculum is flexible and attractive to medical students. The curriculum has been used by multiple other schools of medicine.

In 2000-2002, we developed an integrated four-year curriculum in gerontology and geriatric medicine for our medical students under the John A. Hartford Foundation/AAMC Geriatrics Curricular Grants Initiative. As part of this grant, we expanded our web-based instruction and added further educational approaches. Our four-year curriculum was subsequently significantly amplified by the Kansas Reynolds Program in Aging.

The education pillar of the Center on Aging coordinates geriatric training for all third year medical students on the Kansas City campus of the KU School of Medicine. The Geriatric Clerkship is a unique program in that only a small proportion of American medical schools have such required training in geriatrics. This 4 week program is offered by faculty from the Landon Center on Aging in collaboration with the Departments of Internal Medicine and Family Medicine.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018