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Family Caregiver's Support Group

Are you caring for an older adult? Do you sometimes feel frustrated, tired, and alone? Do you wish you had someone to talk to about your role as a caregiver? Caregiver support groups can provide a safe place to share your true feelings and concerns. It can also provide information about resources and strategies to cope. And a support group can help you plan ahead, so you don't have to plan during times of crisis. A family caregiver support group is based on shared experiences, to help you feel less isolated and to have your feelings validated. If you are a caregiver needing to talk to others who are sharing similar experiences, join us for the Family Caregiver Support Group at the Landon Center on Aging.

We meet the fourth Thursday of every month* at noon in the Landon Center, room 210, Noon to 1:00 pm.

Call Myra Hyatt at 913-588-2365 to register or for more information.

*Alternate dates in November and December due to holidays.

Last modified: Mar 09, 2020