Brownbag Lunch Series

The Brownbag Lunch Series is sponsored by the Landon Center on Aging and will produce a series on topics of interest to seniors. The series will be offered at the Theo and Alfred M. Landon Center on Aging Building from noon to 1:00 p.m. Bring a lunch and listen to the presentation. Space is limited, so call Matt Chandler at (913) 588-3094 to reserve your space now. Bookmark this page to check back regularly for new listings and updates.

October 26
Forgiveness: The Powerful Benefit of Understanding

November 2
Hearing Concerns in Older Adults

November 9
Veterans' Benefits

November 16
Medication Management

November 30
Living Options for Older Adults

December 7
Making Your Home a Life Time Home

December 14
Choosing a Home Care Provider

Last modified: Oct 20, 2016