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Educational Conferences

Core Conference
The primary aim of these weekly conferences are to ensure that the required educational content for an accredited geriatric fellowship program is covered in a cogent, concise and structured manner. These core curriculum conferences use the current Geriatric Review Syllabus as the textbook. This is a fellow-driven interactive course.

Journal Club
This monthly conference provides the fellows with an in-depth discussion of study design, research methods, and data analysis.  We emphasize research methods and statistical analysis as well critique the author's conclusions.

GeriPal Ethics
This is a joint ethics seminar for the Geriatric Medicine and Palliative Care fellowships started in July 2012. With the support of medical ethicists from the Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine, this seminar explores the ethical dimensions of recent clinical cases through a case-based approach led by the fellows. In addition to its focus on bioethics, this seminar expands to include discussion of health law, professional guidelines, and the role of multiple professions in addressing ethical challenges. Learners from all four health profession schools and the Schools of Social Welfare and Law participate in this monthly seminar. 

Morbidity and Mortality
The goal of this conference is to provide fellows an opportunity to review challenging cases encountered in the in-patient, outpatient consult service or long-term care facility setting.

Geriatric Medicine Board Review
It is the expectation of the University of Kansas Medical Center Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program that each fellow will take and pass the Geriatric Certifying Exam within one year of completing the program. These monthly sessions are designed to assist the fellow in preparing for the exam

Last modified: Mar 05, 2020