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Transfer Grant to KUMCRI

Welcome to the University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute, Inc. (KUMCRI).  As you work to transfer your research projects to KUMCRI, please keep in mind that each sponsor may have different requirements for transferring your awards.  Below, we have outlined the NIH/DHHS general guidelines.  However, for other federal sponsors and private sponsors, you will need to contact the awarding agency for specific instructions.  You are welcome to contact the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) at KUMCRI ( for assistance.  We are here to help.

At KUMCRI, we use the Cayuse Proposal Submission System for federal proposals.  Work with a SPA pre-award grant administrator to obtain access to our Cayuse portal.  If you are new to Cayuse, training is available from SPA.

Steps to transfer an NIH/DHHS grant(s) TO the KUMCRI

  1. Before we can submit the transfer application from KUMCRI, the relinquishing (your previous) institution will have to relinquish your grant.  They will have to process and send the Official Statement Relinquishing Interests and Rights in a Public Health Research Grant (PHS 3734) and the Final Invention Statement (HHS 568) forms to NIH.  Please ask your research office contact at the relinquishing institution to complete the relinquishment form in eRA Commons.  A Federal Financial Report (FFR) will be due at NIH from the relinquishing organization within 90 days of the end of the NIH support.  Ask your contact at the relinquishing institution to be sure the carryover dollars are noted on the FFR.  If the carryover dollars are not included, an official letter signed by the relinquishing institution's official will have to be submitted to NIH releasing these funds.  This may cause a delay in receiving the carryover funds at KUMCRI.
  2. Check with the NIH Grant Management Specialist on your grant regarding supplemental instructions for the transfer.  If there are supplemental instructions, please send a copy to your pre-award grant administrator here at KUMCRI.
  3. Once you know if there are supplemental instructions, complete the Change of Grantee Institution application (Type 7 Parent) in Cayuse.  When your application is completed, SPA will be able to process your transfer application after receiving notification of the relinquishing statement from your previous institution.
  4. If your research project involves animals or human subjects, you need to obtain IRB approval at this time.  If you already have KUMC IRB or IACUC certification, please upload this approval in the Summary screen under Documents.
  5. When you have a complete and final application in Cayuse, please notify your KUMCRI pre-award grant administrator that your application is ready for review.  Your completed application should contain the following attachments in the Summary screen under Documents:
    • the completed internal routing sheet
    • a copy of the IRB/IACUC approval
    • SPA will do a final review, obtain institutional sign-off by our Authorized Institutional Official, and submit your application.
Last modified: Aug 30, 2018