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Student Health Insurance Reimbursement

If a student is paid via state payroll, reimbursement for health insurance premiums will be made by Payroll (

If the student is not an active state employee for the coverage period, the student may request reimbursement through Payroll or the Research Institute ( by following the instructions listed below:

  • Student should purchase health insurance online, and print the Confirmation page as a receipt.
  • Complete the Student Health Insurance Reimbursement Request and attach the Confirmation page to the request.  (Please do not enter a requisition in PS before a request is approved). Fringe benefits are not an allowable expense on federal training/fellowship grants, so a back-up R&D speedtype must be provided for unallowable fringe costs.
  • KUMC Accounting will review the information and forward it to Student Financial Aid for their records. The form and attachments will then be returned to the original submitter with further instructions on whether it will be paid by Payroll or the RI.
  • For reimbursements through PAYROLL: Contact Payroll at They will provide direction based on the employee's classification.

For reimbursements through RI: Enter a requisition for the health insurance reimbursement and forward the approval email with attachments to RINSTAP ( and the appropriate Post-Award Grants Specialist. (This must be done within 30 days of the insurance purchase.)

**Please note the requisition number in the subject line of the email and be sure to include the Reimbursement Request and Confirmation page attachments in the forwarded approval email**.

Upon Post-Award approval, RI Accounting will convert the requisition to a purchase order and process the information received for payment.

Last modified: Aug 30, 2018