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No Cost Extensions

An extension of the final agreement period on a sponsored award may be granted to Principal Investigators (PI) without additional funds being provided. Sponsored agreements are written with the expectation that Principal Investigators will complete a project within a certain time frame. When that time frame cannot be met, the PIs may request a time extension at "no cost", meaning additional time will be provided to complete the project, but additional funds will not be provided by the granting agency.

To request a no cost extension, the PI will fill out the on-line form prior to the project end date.  The Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) staff will review the request and forward it to the sponsor. A request for an extension should contain the following:

  1. the amount of time being requested to complete the project;
  2. a statement explaining the necessity for a time extension; and
  3. information regarding how the balance of funds in the project will be expended.

A request is not considered to be justified if the sole reason for the extension is to spend out the remainder of the funds in the grant. If a subsequent no cost extension is being requested, additional information may be required. The SPA Grant Administrator can provide guidance on what is needed.

If sponsor approval is obtained, the request is granted, and a new end-date for the project given, all financial and invention reports must be submitted to the Grant Administrator no later than 60 days after the new award end-date to complete project close-out.

Last modified: Aug 30, 2018