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Expenditure Monitoring

Post-Award Administrators will review all requisitions, inter-departmental billings (IDB), business procurement charges (BPC), and travel requests to ensure that the expenses to be charged to the respective awards are reasonable, allowable,  allocable, and consistent with university practices. If the expense does not meet one of the criteria and/or does not seem appropriate to the grants' scope of work, the Post-Award Administrator will contact the PI or the department administrator to obtain more information and suggest an alternate source of funds as necessary.

Post-Award Administrators will review all charges entered through the Market Center, IDB system, BPC log, and travel module.  Each of the following criteria must be true for the expense to be approved.

  • Requester must have been delegated purchasing authority by the PI (Authorization form). If the requester has not yet been given authorization, the post-award administrator will email the research administrator and/or PI to verify the expense is valid.
  • Funds must be available in the grant's account.
  • The expense was listed in the budget proposal or is an allowable charge per sponsor guidelines.   Under some circumstances, it may be necessary to contact the sponsor for a budget revision.
  • All expense requests must follow institutional policies (i.e. recruitment reimbursement, gift purchases, procurement regulations, etc.) or other Guidelines to ensure all expenses posted to grants conform to KUMC policies and procedures.

Last modified: Aug 30, 2018