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Budget Reallocation

Occasionally investigators will wish to spend funds in a budget line item that has no funds in it or has a negative balance. When this happens, a budget reallocation request form must be submitted to RI to adjust the budget so it reflects the line items as the researchers now intend to spend it. The SPA email account will be checked daily to see if any budget reallocation requests have been submitted. If a request has been submitted, it will be forwarded to the appropriate Post-Award Administrator for processing.

  • Upon receipt of a budget reallocation request, the post-award administrator will review sponsor guidelines to see if there are restrictions on re-budgeting. For example, budget transfers on federal grants must conform to the NIH Prior Approval Requirements. If there is an applicable restriction, the post-award administrator will email the PI to let him or her know the funding source requires written permission to re-budget. At that point, it will be up to the PI and/or departmental administrator to prepare the budget revision request and justification and send it to SPA for review. SPA will then forward the inquiry to the funding source to obtain approval.
  • The post-award administrator will check award terms and conditions to ensure that the expense to be applied to the project is allowable, allocable, and reasonable.
  • The transferring of funds into Equipment or Travel categories requires approval from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration (AVCRA) for review and signature approval. The AVCRA must also approve all re-budgeting requests on RI-funded accounts and international travel not specified in the orginal budget.
  • Once all necessary approvals have been obtained,  the post-award administrator will create the necessary  budget entry.
  • A revised overall grant summary will be emailed to the PI and their administrative staff notifying them that the budget change has been made in the PS system.

Last modified: Aug 30, 2018