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Allowable Expenses on R&D Speedtypes

To be considered allowable, R&D account 1042 must be used for research-related activities.  R&D account 1041 must provide a benefit to the institution. Below are examples of allowable and unallowable costs, though not an exhaustive list.


Continuing Education (non-degree-seeking) - Provide an explanation of the benefit to the university.

Notary Services for university-related items.

Student Relations - examples include thesis binding and thesis defense receptions

Team Building - Provide an attendance sheet and an explanation of the activity. This is not intended to encompass employee birthday parties.

Visas (ex: H1B) - Renewals and expedite fees for employees of the university.


Continuing Education - for the PI and/or PI's staff in an area related to the field of research.


Books (professional)

Cell phones may be paid out of an R&D account if invoices are sent directly to the institution and the need is justified.

Computer hardware and software.  Reimbursements cannot be made to individuals; payment must go directly to the vendor.

Professional Dues and Journal Subscriptions if addressed to the University.

Meals (catered or in a restaurant) where research is discussed (list of participants and meeting purpose are required).

General Office Supplies 

Parking - Non-employee parking validation and visitor parking (including when KUMC faculty/staff are visitors off-site)


Recruitment - Costs associated with recruitment, such as advertising.

Research Supplies

Subject Payments - Subject payments are allowable on both the 1041 and 1042. Note: if payments to human subjects are made, a copy of the consent form must be sent to the accountant handling the PI's portion of the alphabet.

Travel to professional meetings/continuing education/abstract presentations-including registration, ground transportation, hotel and meals.

Unallowable (Personal charges)

"Early-bird" check-in - This is not a requirement for flight and is considered a personal convenience charge.

Employee parking (KU/KUMC parking) - This is a personal expense and should be processed through payroll.

Flowers/Gifts - This is a personal expense

Last modified: Apr 18, 2019