Start PO1 or Research Center


To develop a grant proposal to a major federal source to establish a PO1 or Research Center.


Collaborating faculty groups.


This initiative is broad in scope. The invitation is to faculty from Nursing, Allied Health and Medicine. The type of research may include, but is not limited to, outcomes, applied, translational, human populations, human specimens, and /or human subjects. Therefore the particular scope will be defined by the faculty members.

Evaluated on

Total team strength.


$25,000 per year for one year.

Proposal Format

The proposal should include the following:

  • Research Plan - To be typed in Microsoft WORD with a font size of 10-12 points. Please limit document to five (5) pages.
  • Emphasize the following additional points.
    • Need and use of the $25,000.
    • Importance of PO1/Research Center to research enterprise at KU.
    • Strength and integration of proposed projects.
    • Strength of participating investigators.
    • Need for PO1/Research Center at both the local and national level.
    • What would this PO1/Research Center provide to the research community at large?
  • Detailed budget that does not exceed $25,000


Funding will be granted by the Research Institute's Research Committee based on proposal merit and available funds.


Deliver or mail one (1) complete printed original and an electronic version (pdf) of the proposal to:

Kim Barksdale
c/o Start PO1/Research Center
KUMC Research Institute
6007 Wescoe Pavilion
Mail Stop 1039


  • Proposal due: Anytime during the year.
  • Expected Award Announcement: As soon as possible after submission.
  • Expected effective date of funds: As soon as possible after award.

For further information, contact:

Kim Barksdale, ext. 8-2186,
Dr. Greg Kopf, ext. 8-5436,

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