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Faculty Travel Awards


Request for Applications: September 1, January 6, and May 1

To:      All KUMC Faculty – Kansas City, Wichita and Salina

From: Jamie Caldwell, Executive Director, KUMC Research Institute,
            Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, KUMC

            Faculty Assembly Research Committee

We are pleased to announce that the Research Institute has both domestic and international travel awards available for qualified faculty members of the University of Kansas Medical Center to provide support for faculty travel to scientific meetings. Due to the high number of applications, domestic travel is prioritized. This award supports transportation cost only (plane, train, taxi, subway, etc.) in some cases a portion of the requested funds may be awarded. The funds need to be used within one year after the award notice, or the applicant/recipient is allowed to initiate a new application without being disqualified.

The primary intent of faculty travel awards is to support travel of junior investigators to report research findings at scientific meetings essential to their faculty development, but applications will be accepted from faculty at all career levels.

The following criteria apply:

  1. Faculty eligible to apply are:
    • Those who hold rank of Instructor or above
    • Those who are on the tenure track, or are tenured, or are untenured but hold a modified research or clinical title
    • Those who have not received funding from this mechanism in the past 12 months
  2. Retroactive funding for travel will not be considered
  3. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline
  4. An incomplete application will not be forwarded to the Faculty Assembly Research Committee for consideration; if a section is not applicable to your particular situation please indicate "does not apply'
  5. Unless strong justification can be made, airfares are to be based on coach rates.

In ranking the applications, the Faculty Assembly Research Committee gives high priority to the following factors:

  1. Early-career investigator
  2. Presentation of qualitative or quantitative original research findings based upon work carried out at KUMC
  3. Presentation of papers/posters and the scientific character of the meeting (in advance application is welcome pending official acceptance of abstract)
  4. Applications should clearly be extensions of, or significantly different from, previous abstracts for which funds have been awarded
  5. Importance of attending the meeting to the applicant's professional research career development
  6. Multiple faculty attending the same meeting should not be presenting on the same abstract
  7. No other financial support for travel (If the faculty member has a federal grant please attach a short justification why the grant is not supporting travel)

Now accepting online application via REDCap: 

Contact Kelly Robertson at or 913-588-5436 with questions.

Last modified: Apr 16, 2020