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Request Contract Support

The Research Contracts Office offers contract support for clinical trial agreements and confidential disclosure agreements.  Follow these instructions to submit a contract support request.

Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)
Request for assistance with CDAs should be submitted using the Redcap support request questionnaire.

To access the Redcap questionnaire:

  • Click the "Request Contract Support" button on the upper right side of the Research Contracts Office home page.
    • Include the following key information for your CDA request:
      • Any documents supplied by the sponsor, such as a draft form of a CDA suggested for the transaction by the sponsor
      • Sponsor's contact information

By completing the questionnaire, you are submitting your request and should receive an acknowledgment by email that your request has been received.

Contact us at if you have any difficulty using the RedCap questionnaire or to request an update on the status of your submission.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

Beginning March 1, 2020, all MTA requests should be submitted via REDCap survey. We will continue accepting the PDF Inbound and Outbound Questionnaires through February 29, 2020.

Inbound and Outbound MTAs are processed after a MTA request is submitted one of the following ways:

  1. Via REDCAP survey (All MTA requests will be processed via REDCap beginning March 1, 2020)

    After submitting the REDCap survey, you should receive an email with a PDF copy of your submission

  2. Submitting the appropriate completed MTA Questionnaire to (This option will only be available through Februrary 29, 2020)
  •    Use the Inbound Material Transfer Agreement Questionnaire when requesting materials from a provider into KUMC.
  •   The Outbound Material Transfer Agreement Questionnaire should be used when sending materials to an external recipient.

After submitting the completed and signed PDF form to, you should receive an acknowledgment by email that your request has been received.

Tracking CDAs and MTAs
The Reseach Contracts Office will track CDAs and MTAs from the time we receive the completed submissions.  After submitting the questionnaire, you should receive a confirmation email that the submission has been received and tracking has started.

Our goal for processing CDAs is to return an initial draft to the sponsor's CRO either on the business day of receipt or the business day following receipt of the submission.  As a reminder, CDA support requests should contain the sponsor's proposed CDA in an editable Microsoft Word format along with the sponsor's contact information.

Our goal for processing MTAs depends on the type of request.  For complex MTA requests, the Research Contracts Office will first provide a project plan outlining the process to the PI before proceeding.
After receiving a completed submission, we will:

  • Provide KUMC PI by email or phone call on or before the third business day following receipt of the MTA request either:
    • For relatively simple MTA requests, a notice that an initial transmittal of an MTA proposal has been transmitted to the counterparty Recipient (for outbound) or Provider (for inbound), or
    • For relatively complex MTA requests, a notice that the request is complex and a plan for processing the complex MTA proposal, identifying the steps needed.
Last modified: Jan 24, 2020