Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)

Rebudgeting of funds:

Budget revisions must be requested when changes in the grant project result in the need for additional line items, and/or the spending is greater than 5% of the approved budget category, including Personnel, Other Direct Costs, Equipment, and Consultant/Contractual agreements.

The revision requests must follow these guidelines:

  1. Submit the revision in a format that displays the entire budget and the requested changes.
  2. Line items with expenses incurred cannot be deleted. The line item must state the actual expenses incurred at the date of the revision.
  3. Any addition or deletion of approved items should be explained.
  4. Revisions may require a recalculation of Indirect Costs. * *Indirect costs are allowed at a rate of 9% of expenses budgeted in personnel and other direct costs. Indirect costs should not be calculated on the amounts budgeted for equipment or consultant/contractual.
  5. Revisions to Personnel may change the amount approved for benefits.
  6. Revisions to the Other Direct Costs category may be requested over the telephone.

Unexpended Funds/Grant Extension

  1. A grant extension for the use of unexpended funds from previous budget periods in subsequent periods may be requested. A revised budget and budget narrative should be submitted outlining the use of these funds.
  2. An extension to use the remaining funds beyond the original award end date may be requested. A separate budget and budget narrative explaining the activities to be undertaken during the extension period should be provided.

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