March of Dimes (MOD)

Allowable Direct Costs Items:

  1. Salaries of professional staff without faculty appointments and technical assistants.
  2. Minimal but essential permanent equipment. Any permanent equipment must be directly relevant to the MOD research grant.
  3. Expendable supplies.
  4. Other expenses relevant to the conduct of the research.
  5. Travel is not to exceed $1,000 to attend scientific meetings. Any travel must be directly relevant to the MOD research grant.
  6. Indirect costs are limited to 10% of the total direct costs.

Non-Allowable MOD Expenses:

  1. Salary for the Principal Investigator or participants with faculty appointments.
  2. Construction, alteration, maintenance or rental of buildings or building space.
  3. Computer equipment, office equipment and furniture.
  4. Dues for membership in scientific societies.
  5. Office supplies including mail/postage costs, copying costs, telephone, fax or modem lines.
  6. Tuition.
  7. Publication costs.
  8. Books and Journals.
  9. Service Contracts.
  10. Waste disposal.
  11. Glassware washing.

Rebudgeting of Funds:

  1. Transfer of funds into, within, and out of an approved line item is permitted up to 20% of the approved category amount.
  2. Requests for revisions greater than 20% should be received by MOD three months prior to the termination day of the grant.
  3. Transfers may not increase salaried personnel or travel.
  4. Any purchase of permanent equipment not authorized in the original budget must have prior approval.

A grant extension, without additional funds, must be submitted in writing, three months prior to the termination of the grant.

The un-expended balance will carry forward from one year into the next year of the grant.

Last modified: Sep 24, 2014