Kansas Health Foundation (KHF)

Rebudgeting of funds:

  1. Any budget change in the salary/benefits line must have prior written approval from KHF.
  2. Any budget changes in excess of 10% per line item must have prior written approval from KHF. Grantee will obtain a KHF budget change request form to do so.

Non-Allowable KHF Expenditures:

  1. To carry on propaganda or otherwise attempt to influence legislation within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code section 4945 (e).
  2. To influence the outcome of any specific public election.
  3. To carry on directly or indirectly any voter registration drive.

Grant extension request may be made, in writing, to KHF prior to grant ending date.

Un-expended funds at the end of the project shall be returned to KHF.

Last modified: Sep 24, 2014