Hunter's Hope Foundation (HHF)

  1. For multi-year awards, grant funds unspent and uncommitted at the end of a budget year are considered partial payment against the next year's budget.
  2. A carry-over request of funds from one year to the next must be submitted in writing.
  3. Budget revisions greater than 10% of any line item must be requested in writing, providing a description of and justification for the change. This is waived for amounts less than $1,000.
  4. Any grant extension must be requested in writing.
  5. One-year reports require a six-month progress report, due on the six-month anniversary date of the grant.
  6. Grantees with multi year awards must file a progress report every six months. A progress report is not required for the final six months of the grant. This is replaced by the final progress report for the entire grant period.
  7. The final progress report should be 8-10 pages describing objectives, activities, and results of the program.

Last modified: Sep 24, 2014