Deafness Research Foundation (DRF)

Allowable Expenditures:

  1. Salaries of technical and supporting personnel.
  2. Limited alteration/renovation of existing facilities.
  3. Purchase of equipment.
  4. Supplies, including drugs and services.
  5. Other specifically authorized expenses essential for carrying out the project.

Non-Allowable DRF expenses:

  1. Salary of principal investigator, co-investigator, or individuals with a doctoral degree.
  2. Travel.
  3. Living expenses.
  4. Printing costs.
  5. Reprints.
  6. Overhead costs exceeding 10% of project costs.
  7. Public information or education programs.

Investigator may not transfer budget from one category to the other without approval from DRF.

Any transfer that involves a change in the direction of the project must receive written approval from DRF. Unexpended funds must be returned to the DRF.

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