Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CRPF)

  1. Funds may be transferred from one category of the budget to another, as long as the following requirements are met:
    1. Transfers into the equipment and travel categories.
    2. Transfers may not be made into categories that were budgeted at $0 in the signed contract without written approval from the CRPF Research Director.
    3. Transfers into categories other than those described directly that are $1,000 or greater must receive prior written approval from the CRPF Research Director.
  2. All equipment purchases (except those specified in the original proposal) must be based on prior written approval from the CRPF Research Director. If the cost is 10% or more of the amount approved, the increase must be approved in writing.
  3. An inventory of all equipment purchased must be submitted to the Research Director within 30 days of the contract termination date, including a recommendation from the Principal Investigator as to equipment disposition.
  4. Unexpended funds at the end of the contract period are returned to the CRPF. Exceptions may be made upon the Principal Investigator's written request to CRPF for a no-cost extension of the contract.
  5. Maximum allowable overhead to be charged to CRPF is 10% of direct costs.
  6. Allowable expenses by category are Personnel, Equipment, Travel, Animals and Supplies, Other, and Indirect Costs.

Last modified: Sep 24, 2014