1. A technical report shall be submitted every six months, briefly summarizing research findings, including objectives, progress to date, unanticipated results, any dissemination of research results, and workplan for the subsequent reporting period.
  2. Revision of Budget is as follows: Transferring funds between line items which are part of Direct Costs shall be allowed without prior CONRAD approval if the cumulative amount of such transfers does not exceed 10% of the total budget per budget interval, with the exception of transfers to Travel and Equipment. Transfers to Travel and Equipment and line item transfers not meeting the above criterion must be submitted with detailed justification to the CONRAD director for approval.
  3. Use of vertebrate animals is to be governed by the Principles for Use of Animals, and in the case of warm-blooded vertebrates, the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.
  4. If human subjects are used, all recipient institutions must comply with US Food and Drug Administration Regulations.

Last modified: Sep 24, 2014