American Heart Association (AHA)

Non-Allowable AHA expenditures:

  1. Books, Subscriptions.
  2. Co-PI Salary/fringe.
  3. Malpractice Insurance.
  4. Membership Dues.
  5. Overhead (Postage, Rent, Lights, Office Furniture, Telephone, etc.) * *Overnight Mail and Long Distance phone charges directly related to the project are permitted.
  6. Parking Fees.
  7. Patient Care, Hospitalization, Diagnostic Laboratory Tests.
  8. Personnel Recruitment.
  9. Receptions and Meals.
  10. Scientific Meetings Abroad.
  11. Travel funds to be used to participate in scientific meetings abroad.
  12. Travel expenditures exceeded $2000 each grant year.
  13. Carryover of any unexpended travel allowances.
  14. Tuition Costs.
  15. Expenses in obtaining a Visa.
  16. Uniforms, wearing apparel.

Rebudgeting of Funds

Prior Authorization is required for the following items.

  1. Rebudgeting of grant funds for the purchase of equipment totaling more than 25% of the annual project support budget.
  2. Rebudgeting of grant funds for computers and components of computer systems (including software) beyond a one-time expense of $2,500.
  3. Expenditures exceed 25% of the amount budgeted for each category.
  4. Rebudgeting funds from other categories to Personnel category.

Carryforward of Unexpended Funds

  1. Continuing Year - If there is an unobligaged balance of funds of not less than $100 nore more than $10,000 at the end of a grant period, these funds can be requested for carryover to the next budget year without advance approval. If the unobligated balance is greater than $10,000, prior approval from the AHA is required.
  2. Final Year - If there is an unobligated balance of funds between $500 and $10,000 at the end of the final fiscal period, grantees may request a twelve-month extension to use a portion or all of the unobligated and unexpended funds by indicating so on page one of the Expenditures Report form. Funds remaining at the end of an authorized extension year must be returned to the AHA. A second grant extension year is not allowed

Last modified: Sep 24, 2014