American Cancer Society

The Society's research grants DO NOT provide funds for the following items:

  1. Secretarial/Administrative salaries.
  2. Foreign Travel; special consideration will be given for attendance at scientific meetings held in Canada.
  3. Books and Periodicals.
  4. Membership Dues.
  5. Office and Laboratory Furniture.
  6. Office Equipment and Supplies.
  7. Rental of Office or Laboratory Space.
  8. Recruiting (staff) and Relocation expenses.
  9. Non-Medical Services to Patients.
  10. Per Diem charges for hospital beds.
  11. Construction, Renovation, or Maintenance of Buildings/Laboratories.

Budget Reallocation and Carryover:

The Principal Investigator may make minor alterations within the approved budget except where such expenditures conflict with the policies of the Society. Major changes require written approval from the Society.

Any unexpended funds must be returned to the Society, as carryover to a succeeding Grant period is not permitted.

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