Closing Clinical Studies

  1. Closing Clinical Studies:
    To Close a Clinical Study with Human Subjects Committee
    1. complete Closure Request form,
    2. checkmark termination (at end of Section II),
    3. obtain PI's signature and
    4. submit original to Clinical Research Administration, 6th Floor Wescoe, MS 1039.
  2. Financial Reconciliation of Clinical Studies:
    1. complete Reconciliation form and
    2. submit to Sponsored Programs Administration, Clinical Studies Reconciliation, 6th Floor Wescoe, MS 1039.
  3. Transferring Residuals from Clinical Trials to Research & Development account:
    Clinical Studies must be
    1. closed with HSC and the
    2. Financial Reconciliation submitted prior to the
    3. transferring of Residual Funds
      See Closing Clinical Trials and Financial Reconciliation of Clinical Trials above.

Last modified: Dec 18, 2012