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Patient Visit Calendars (CRIS)

For studies that involve reimbursement from study sponsors, a CRIS/Velos calendar will be built shortly after the study is activated. The study team will be notified once the calendar is ready to be used. All studies which previously utilized Clinical Trial Study Trackers (CT Trackers) have been converted to Participant Visit Calendars within CRIS/Velos as of July 1, 2020. CT trackers will no longer be able to be updated; however, will be available for view-only access. Studies that did not have CT trackers will be analyzed and converted as needed by study teams.

Patient ID Versus Study ID

In CRIS/Velos, there are two IDs for the participant that perform 2 very different and very important functions for billing purposes. The Patient ID field is mandatory when entering a participant into the CRIS/Velo system. When the participant is also a patient of The University of Kansas Health System, the Patient ID should be the patient's MRN #. See the CRIS Tip Sheet_Participant Entry for more information on how to enter patients into the CRIS/Velos system.

Change the Patient Study ID

Sponsors require their generated participant number to be on invoices for tracking purposes. Once you have entered your participant, change the Patient Study ID # to the sponsor generated # See the CRIS Tip Sheet_Participant Entry for more information on how to change this number into the CRIS/Velos system.


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Last modified: Oct 26, 2020