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KUMC-RI ClinCard Program for Study Teams

KUMC-RI ClinCard Program for Study Teams
What is it?

A ClinCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card that is available for use as a mechanism to pay 'human subjects' for research participation. It is a faster, safer method to pay your study participants providing an excellent alternative to checks, gift cards, or petty cash. The program also provides a convenient administrative online tool for loading, tracking, and reporting your studies' payments in real-time. The cards can be used by the payee for multiple payments at different times.

The following are the major steps involved in utilizing the ClinCard program. Please note that the use of ClinCard for research subject fee payments MUST be approved by the IRB and is administrated by the RI. Registration of research subjects in the ClinCard system requires Social Security Numbers.

The following are roles that can be requested by study teams for access to the ClinCard system.

Role # of users Rights in the System
Clincard Site Coordinator 1 Primary per study May
  • register/edit subjects
  • create a payment request
  • set up apointment reminders
Report Viewer 1 per Team
  • can access reports

Once it is determined who will fulfill these roles, you will need to gather the following information for each individual:
• Name
• Email address
• Phone number
• Role to assign
• Which study/studies they will need access to

Getting Started

1. New accounts are created during study start-up.
2. Access
Send the information for the Site Coordinator and/or Report Viewer through ClinCard Request Form for completion of the access.
3. Create Study
You will receive an email confirmation from the RI that the Site Maintenance access and study set up has been completed. The Site Coordinator will receive a system-generated email to complete the login process. 
4. Request Cards
Complete the ClinCard Request Form.
5. Register Subjects/Distribute Cards
These tasks are completed within the department by the Site Coordinator. Please note that Social Security Numbers are required to set up a subject. See Reference Guide.
6. Create/Schedule/Approve Payments
These tasks are completed within the department by the site Coordinator/Approver. See associated Reference Guide.
7. Expenses Allocated
These tasks are performed monthly by KUMC-RI. All funds loaded onto a card, plus an additional $5.00 one-time fee per participant are charged to the study account.
8. User Access/Expiration
User access maintenance is important since the system is web-based and is accessible outside of the KUMC system. It is the study team's responsibility to notify the CRA when a study team member is no longer authorized to access ClinCard account. When you wish to add or remove a Site Coordinator's access send a request through the ClinCard Request Form.
Users access is automatically terminated at study close or after 6 months of inactive use.

Last modified: Feb 24, 2020