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Payment Information and Site Fees for Clinical Trials

Payment Information

Payee Name KUMC Research Institute, Inc.
Not For Profit 501(c)(3)
Payee Address University of Kansas Medical Center
Research Institute, Inc. 
Mail Stop 1039
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, Kansas 66160-7702
Mail Notices and Contracts to Jamie Caldwell, MBA
Executive Director, KUMC Research Institute, Inc.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, KUMC
University/Federal Institution ID 48-1108830
Telephone  (913) 588-1242
Fax (913) 588-5729

Site Fees

The following fees are required for clinical trials and are non-refundable:

  • Research Institute Administrative Fee: $2,500
  • Principal Investigator Start-Up Fee: $5,000
  • Institutional Review Board Fees
    • Initial Submission Fee: $3,500 (Effective 1/1/2017)
    • Recertification Fee: $1,500 (frequency determined by the Board) 
    • Amendment Fee: $1,200 (per full Board review) 
  • Study Team Hourly Fees
    • Principal Investigator: $200 per hour
    • Study Coordinator: $75 per hour 
  • Facilities and Administration Rate
    • Privately Funded Studies: 33% 
    • All other research is assessed at the current federally-negotiated rate in effect at the time of award acceptance

These fees apply once the Research Institute receives the study, regardless of later study cancellation or withdrawal.

The following additional fees may apply:

  • Institutional Review Board Initial Submission Fee for studies at the KU School of Medicine – Wichita campus: $1,000
  • Investigational Pharmacy Fee (please visit the Investigational Pharmacy website for fee amounts)
  • Recruitment Fee: $1,000
  • Archival Fee: $745
  • Audit Fees
    • Sponsor-Generated Audits: $1,000 per day 
    • FDA-Generated Audits: $2,000 per day 

Please note that additional, study-specific fees may apply.

Fee Definitions

  • Research Institute Administrative Fee
    The fee includes administrative study set-up, protocol review, consent form preparation, regulatory document collection and filing, study communications, budget preparation and negotiation, and contract review and negotiation
  • Principal Investigator Start-Up Fee
    This fee includes protocol review, staff training, regulatory document preparation, initial setup of site regulatory and subject binders, and any other activities required by the study protocol
  • Institutional Review Board Fees
    This fee includes submission to and protocol review by the University of Kansas Medical Center Institutional Review Board or Western Institutional Review Board, education and training of Institutional Review Board members, and administrative expenses for the Institutional Review Board support staff
  • Study Team Hourly Fees
    This fee includes study subject review, time spent with study subjects to obtain consent and complete study-related activities, ongoing maintenance of site regulatory and subject binders, meetings, site and monitoring visits, study-related education, completion of case report forms, and any other activities required by the study protocol
  • Recruitment Fee
    This fee provides for the creation of a lay language description on the website, including local study contact information, and a customized, study-specific pre-screening survey (completed by potential participants visiting the site). This fee also covers all maintenance and revisions to the listing throughout the duration of the study, as needed

Last modified: Aug 30, 2018