Clinical Research Advisory Committee

Mission: To provide clinical researchers a voice in research administration for the Research Institute's Clinical
Research Administration Division at the University of Kansas Medical Center under the direction of the Associate
Vice Chancellor for Research Administration and the Division Director of Clinical Research Administration

Member Department Phone
John Ferraro PhD (Chair) School of Health Professions, Associate Dean for Research 8-5937
Patrick Moriarty, MD (Vice Chair)
Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology 8-6005
Lauren Aaronson, PhD, RN (Ex officio) School of Nursing 8-1789
Richard Barohn, MD Neurology 8-6094
Sandra Billinger, PhD Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences 5-6685
Karen Blackwell, MS Office of Compliance 8-0942
Marge Bott, PhD School Of Nursing 8-1692
Doug Girod, MD School of Medicine, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs 8-6719
Molly Gunter, BA, CCRP KUMC Research Institute, Inc 8-5969
K James Kallail, PhD Internal Medicine, School of Medicine-Wichita 3-2650
Bruce Kimler, PhD Radiation Oncology 8-3660
Greg Kopf, PhD KUMC Research Institute, Inc. 5-6636
M. Michele Mariscalco, MD Associate Dean for Research, KU School of Medicine-Wichita 3-3439
Raymond Perez, MD KUMC Cancer Center 5-5059
Steven Simpson, MD Pulmonary 8-6045
Maxine Stoltz, PhD KUMC Cancer Center 5-7036
Ossama Tawfik, MD, PhD Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 8-1185
James Vacek, MD Cardiology 8-9600

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