About Us

The Research Institute assists research by:

  • Administering and serving as the recipient of grants
  • Coordinating a sponsored scientific research program
  • Promoting and aiding in the fulfillment of medical research
  • Using all income for the support of scientific, educational, and charitable purposes


  • To foster individual partnerships between the University of Kansas Medical Center researchers and the private sector
  • To enhance revenue to researchers and the university through the transfer of research discoveries and other information to the private sector
  • To facilitate a cooperative and profitable interaction between the University of Kansas Medical Center and corporations throughout Kansas, the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area, domestically and internationally


  • To increase funding for KUMC faculty from non-governmental sources
  • To develop a strong user friendly research administration program for KUMC faculty members' non-governmental research grants
  • To develop a fund to finance an internal granting program to KUMC faculty
  • To improve the entire KUMC Research Administration infrastructure
  • To make every effort to integrate the RI operations with the Life Sciences initiative in the Kansas City community

Last modified: Nov 05, 2014