Reaching for the Stars

KUMC BridgeJohn Ingalls arrived in Kansas in 1859, drawn by an advertisement calling settlers to a part of the continent that was still very much a frontier. He wrote of Kansas, "The aspiration of Kansas is to reach the unattainable; its dream is the realization of the impossible." Two years later, Ingalls enshrined this spirit of Kansas and its citizens in the motto, Ad Astra per Aspera - To the stars through difficulty.

More than 150 years later, the determination, tenacity and vision that John Ingalls recognized in Kansas and in Kansans are very much alive, particularly at the University of Kansas Medical Center. We celebrate a history of reaching that which seems unattainable, of realizing that which others believe is impossible, of achieving amazing firsts in the world of academic medicine. We continue to position ourselves to reach the stars.

Renewed Focus on Results

In 2013, the EVC leadership team convened to review the strategic plan[1], which was originally launched in 2011, to ensure that it was responsive to the changing environments of the campuses, of education and healthcare, of the community and state, and of the nation and the world. The result is a simplified strategic map that retains the medical center's goals but makes them more accessible and relevant to every member of the faculty and staff and the work they do[2]. True to our heritage and the spirit captured by the phrase Ad Astra, the vision and goals to which we aspire challenge us to reach for the stars. We are up for the challenge.

  • The Organizational Improvement Office (OIO) will work with the EVC and his leadership team to continuously monitor progress on the strategic plan[3].
  • OIO and Enterprise Analytics, are developing and deploying dashboards[4] for assessing our progress in acting on our plan.
  • The Human Resources Department will be launching a new performance management system[5] that will align the work each employee does with the strategic goals of the medical center.

Take a moment to review our strategic map and see what challenges and motivates us to reach for the stars each day.

KUMC Strategic Plan Map January 2014 click for more information


Goals E and F in the original plan / Innovate in the refined plan
[2] Innovate box 1 and Alignment competency in the refined plan
[3] Innovate boxes 3 and 4 in the refined plan
[4] Goal I in the original plan / Measures in the refined plan
[5] Goal F.II and H in the original plan / Innovate boxes 1 and 4 and Alignment competency in the refined plan

Last modified: Feb 19, 2014