Our Will to Innovate

KUMC Hemenway BuildingDoing more with less seems to be a sign of the times. Nowhere is success in this regard more apparent than on the grounds of the KU Medical Center campus. Christine Howard, Grounds/Parking Manager in Landscape Services, has begun a labor of love: making our campus a pleasing one to be a student, patient, visitor or employee. Working within her current budget, Christine and her colleagues in Landscape Services are creating a healthy exterior that reflects the education, research and clinical care that supports health within our walls.


Improvement at Every Level

  • The Organizational Improvement Office[1], using data from the first employee engagement survey, results from the Show-Me Challenge (a state-level Baldrige assessment) and the Huron report began to identify and address opportunities for improvement.
  • Refinement and rollout of KU Medical Center's strategic planning and planning at the departmental level are underway.
  • Establishment the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO)[2] in Information Resources. The EPMO offers project management support to the campus, not only for information technology projects but for any complex project that would benefit from a project manager.
  • The School of Nursing was designated a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education[3] by the National League for Nursing (NLN) - one of only 26 schools in the country to earn the award. This honor recognized KU for sustained, evidence-based and substantive innovation and acknowledges the school for its ongoing research to document the effectiveness of its innovations, for setting high standards and for showing commitment to quality improvement.
  • Expanded the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework in the central Support Services departments.
  • Implemented the use of "Liberating Structures" to facilitate meetings, resulting in improved communication, interaction, creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Developed new innovation and improvement forms
    • Council on Strategic Initiatives (CSI), Vice Chancellor for Administration + Associate Vice Chancellors + Organizational Improvement Office
    • Support Services (SS), CSI + Associate Vice Chancellors' management teams
    • Management Council (MC), SS + leaders from the Schools and other areas
    • Chat-n-Chew, small groups, open forum
    • LIFE @ KUMC, larger group, open forum
    • Effective 1:1 meetings, using Leading the Jayhawk Way and Jayhawk Way Success Academy models
  • A unified command arrangement was reached with The University of Kansas Hospital, with Chief Rick Johnson now also serving as Chief Security officer at the hospital
  • The All Sources/All Spends initiative was completed, achieving a comprehensive view of medical center revenues and expenses.
  • Facilities improvement continued as a priority for creating a physical environment conducive to education, discovery and healing.
    • Chilled water project
    • Energy conservation project
    • Focus on efficiency in project deployment

Goals E.IV and F.III in the original plan / Innovate in the refined plan
[2] Goals E.II, E.IV, F.II and F.III in the original plan / Innovate in the refined plan
[3] Goals A.III, B.III, H and I in the original plan / Educate box 4, Discover box 1 and Innovate box 1 and Measures in the refined plan

Last modified: Feb 19, 2014