Energizing the Educational Environment - Planning Questions

  • What improvements in medical education would result in the greatest improvements in health?
  • What will interprofessional education look like at KUSOM?
  • What capacity for simulation (including standardized patients) do we need?
  • How do we adjust our Phase 1 curriculum to account for the change in Step 1 from a test of knowledge of information to problem solving?
  • What national changes necessitate curricular changes? How do we make sure that public health/preventive medicine stay in the curriculum? What can come out?
  • Are library and campus-wide technological resources adequate to meet the needs of our evolving curriculum? How can we make better use of existing library and technology resources?
  • What capacity in inpatient, outpatient, and community settings do we need to provide the best clinical training?
  • What would be the maximum class size needed to meet our social responsibility to address Kansas workforce shortages?
  • How do we right-size our graduate residency medical education programs? What principles and realities should drive decisions to grow or shrink programs?

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