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Strategic Plan

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Strategic planning efforts began at the University of Kansas Medical Center in February 2016. After more than a year of dedicated work from individuals throughout the institution, KU Medical Center launched a summary of its plan in late June 2017.

View the Strategic Plan - 2017 and beyond

The process for this endeavor was different than it had been in the past. Previously, KU Medical Center strategic plans were complex and not easy for employees to understand or execute. We wanted to change that experience. The goal was to create a roadmap that is simple and meaningful for the entire organization.  

The Process

To reach that goal, the university began experimenting with methods that centered on the focus areas of people, innovation, community and value and would engage people in new and meaningful ways. Those tactics included:  

  • Evaluating the medical center's mission and crafting a vision. We wanted to ensure that the mission truly reflected our current purpose and identity. The accompanying vision statement would then stretch beyond the scope of that identity and articulate what the future should look like for KU Medical Center.
  • Identifying specific concepts that would be effective in moving us toward our vision. Those concepts became the four focus areas that would become the center of the plan: people, innovation, community and value.  
  • Refining focus area definitions and developing objectives and measures through interdisciplinary workgroups.  
  • Identifying how focus areas should intersect mission areas of education, research and health care through mission-based groups. These groups also identified objectives to operationalize each focus area with the mission areas and created strategies to support each key objective.  

Next Steps

Over the next several months, KU Medical Center schools, units and departments will work with the Office of Organizational Improvement to determine how these focus areas will influence short- and long-term planning. View the Strategic Plan - 2017 and beyond.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018