Faculty promotion and tenure

June 10, 2014

One of the most gratifying rituals I get to take part in as executive vice chancellor is one that recognizes the excellence of our faculty. That's what I got to do on Monday, June 2, with Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little and several of our department chairs joining me for the annual Promotion and Tenure Dinner at Beller Conference Center in the Hemenway building. 

It's such a pleasure to spend an evening celebrating the accomplishments of our newly promoted and tenured faculty. For me, the highlight of the evening is taking a moment to recognize each individual faculty member who is moving up in his or her career. This year, I got to read the names of 58 of our colleagues. Those of us who have already been down this career path know how much work it takes to reach this particular milestone, and how much support it requires from family members, friends and colleagues. 

And while we devote one night to recognizing the accomplishments of our newly promoted and tenured faculty, that celebration is the culmination of a long and intensive process in which many other people at our institution play an essential role. That process begins with the opening of applications in March and goes on until the final list of promotions and tenure is announced the following March. Over the course of that year, members of our faculty and staff hold informational meetings on the process, serve on the Appointments, Promotion and Tenure committees, and complete the difficult work of finalizing the list of recommendations that we send to the chancellor every spring. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in that process and who serve on the APT committee, particularly the chairs: Bethene Gregg for the School of Health Professions; Sandra Bergquist-Beringer and Wanda Bonnel for the School of Nursing; Kim Templeton for the School of Medicine in Kansas City; and Donna Sweet for the School of Medicine-Wichita. 

The chancellor, along with School of Nursing and Health Professions Dean Karen Miller, School of Medicine Dean Robert Simari and I are all deeply grateful to our newly promoted faculty. They have shown exemplary dedication to making sure our students receive an excellent education, to research that expands what we know about human health, to leadership in patient care, and service to our communities. The full list of all promoted and tenured faculty members (on all KU campuses) is posted here. I encourage everyone to read the list and congratulate those colleagues you know. The passion and life they bring to KU Medical Center make this institution what it is. 

Last modified: Jun 10, 2014