Chat and Chew Session Registration

Steffani Webb

I think we all can agree that 2012 was an amazing year. Together, we accomplished many wonderful things and built momentum for an incredible 2013.

Focusing on possibilities and on making KUMC a great place to be, I want to gather feedback and ideas from every part of our organization as we develop our plans for the future. I believe many of the best ideas come from employees directly involved in the work. I want to hear from you.

With the beginning of the new year, I will be setting up times to meet with employees who sign up to share their thoughts, concerns and ideas. There will be no specific agenda, and nothing is off limits. After the chat, we'll enjoy lunch together. I hope you will consider participating. I expect to learn a lot from you. These meetings will be called "Chat and Chew."

I am starting with six Chat and Chew sessions, each with 8-10 employees. If the response exceeds the number of slots available, I will work with our colleagues in the Organizational Improvement Office to select groups representative of Support Services departments, and I will consider adding more sessions. I will be giving priority to individuals who have not had the opportunity to participate in other improvement activities, such as leadership training provided by The Carden Group and The Jayhawk Way ambassadors program.

The Chat and Chew sessions are scheduled for:


If you have questions about the Chat and Chew, please contact Jenny Laffey ( or 913-588-1499).

Also, look out for the announcement of Brown Bag sessions coming in early 2013 for more information on organization improvement efforts within Support Services. This will be another great way to be informed and to participate.

Steffani Webb
Vice Chancellor for Administration

Last modified: Aug 16, 2013