The Jayhawk Way

The Jayhawk Way is the name for KUMC's improvement and performance excellence journey. It refers both to our way or path toward fulfilling the seven Baldrige Performance Excellence criteria as well as to the way or manner in which KUMC's culture can support and advance our purpose of improving health.

The Baldrige journey begins with the first of the seven Baldrige criteria: Leadership. From Leadership comes the remaining Baldrige criteria: Strategy; Customers; Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management; Workforce; Operations; and Results. The criteria are not prescriptive; rather, they describe the standards of successful organizations and challenge us to determine why, how and what we do to meet those standards.

The cultural journey is summed up simply in the ideas: treat each other well and work hard on things that matter. Treating each other well is a concept that brings together professionalism, diversity and civility - all critical to making KUMC an employer of choice in the region and beyond. Working hard on things that matter is a concept that has its underpinnings in clarity of purpose and alignment to mission and vision. By understanding how they contribute to improving health by engaging minds and leading healthcare through education, discovery, healing, engagement and innovation, each person can find meaning and satisfaction in their daily work. 

OIO is here to support leaders at all levels of the organization in their journey by creating alignment to our shared mission, vision, goals, values and culture.

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Baldrige logoFor more information on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, please visit the Baldrige website.