The Jayhawk Way

The Jayhawk Way is modeled after the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, which is an innovative, proven framework in which an organization can manage and improve.


The performance system consists of six categories which define processes and one results category to measure achievements. These categories are inter-related and inter-dependent.

1. Leadership

2. Strategic planning

3. Customer focus

4. Measurement, analysis and knowledge management

5.  Workforce focus

6. Operations focus

7. Results

The leadership triad (Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Customer Focus) emphasizes the importance of a leadership focus on overall strategy and requirements of our customers and stakeholders. Leaders set the direction and seek future opportunities for the organization.

The results triad (Workforce, Operations, Results) include the way we conduct our work and the activities to support our obligations and goals. This includes all workforce processes, key operational processes, and the performance results they yield.

The system foundation (Measurement, analysis and knowledge management) is critical to effective management and to a fact-based, knowledge driven system for improving performance and competitiveness.


The Jayhawk Way is designed to transform quality from "random acts of improvement" to systematic, aligned, sustainable processes that are continuously improved. Achieving optimal results at every level of the university is The Jayhawk Way.

Last modified: Jul 08, 2014
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