Strategic Plan

Engaging Minds. Leading Healthcare. These are the goals that KUMC faculty and staff pursue each day. The Organizational Improvement Office proudly supports KUMC leadership, schools, departments and individuals in these efforts.

Educate: Educate outstanding students in a team-based learning environment by outstanding educators through excellent academic programs.

Discover: Expand knowledge in a team-based research environment through astonishing research in all areas of science by aligning minds across all of our schools.

Heal: Deliver the best care as a team with our partners by optimizing how we think and act, putting the patient first.

Engage: Serve Kansans as an interdisciplinary team through coordinated outreach activities, informed and guided by our communities.

Innovate: Strive for constant, never-ending improvement by a team of leaders at all levels by engaging minds and resources to accomplish our best work every day.

Our competencies: Alignment, Collaboration, Communication, Cultural Competence, Diversity and Inclusion, Ethical Behavior, Professionalism

Support Services' mission is Supporting Progress.

To accomplish that mission, Support Services leadership created an Alignment Playbook, which is its strategic plan. Focused on People and Plans, the playbook provides each employee in Support Services with a clear understanding of those key concepts and goals that will enable us to serve KU Medical Center well.

Last modified: Mar 20, 2015
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