Strategic Plan

The Organizational Improvement Office proudly supports KU Medical Center's leadership, schools, departments and individuals in their work to achieve our mission, vision and strategic plan.

KU Medical Center's Vision

To lead the nation in caring, healing, teaching and discovering

KU Medical Center's Mission

To improve lives and communities in Kansas and beyond through innovation in education, research and healthcare

Strategic Focus Areas





Develop and support a world-class workforce
Make innovation the foundation of our work
Engage the communities we serve and nurture key parternships
Achieve organizational excellence

Support Services' mission is Supporting Progress.

To accomplish that mission, Support Services leadership created an Alignment Playbook, which is its strategic plan. Focused on People and Plans, the playbook provides each employee in Support Services with a clear understanding of those key concepts and goals that will enable us to serve KU Medical Center well.

Last modified: Sep 13, 2016
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