OIO has two guiding principles. They are:

Work hard on things that matter

Treat each other well   

From these principles we offer services to individuals, departments and teams, and the organization as a whole.

  • Strengthening leadership structures, alignment and communication
  • Developing and executing on strategic goals and initiatives
  • Understanding customer requirements and feedback
  • Collecting, analyzing and sharing data in support of decision making
  • Developing and engaging the workforce
  • Understanding and improving processes
  • Identifying and sharing results

Through a systematic self-assessment, OIO has identified areas of special focus:

Strategic and Departmental Planning

  • OIO supports and manages a sustainable process for institutional strategic planning. 
  • OIO is available to facilitate a planning process for department's to identify goals and to create alignment to KUMC's mission, vision, strategy and goals.

Workforce Engagement

  • OIO supports Human Resources in expansion of their training and development initiatives, including The Jayhawk Way Training Program.
  • OIO administers the KUMC employee engagement survey and supports departments in acting upon survey results.

Customer Engagement

  • OIO offers discussion-based customer service training. See the OIO Events Calendar for dates and times.

Last modified: Sep 24, 2015