Frequently Asked Questions

What is OIO?

The Organizational Improvement Office (OIO) leads and coordinates initiatives resulting in performance and quality improvement. Its purpose is to facilitate continuous improvement activities at the University of Kansas Medical Center. OIO reports to Steffani Webb, Vice Chancellor of Administration.

What services does OIO provide?

OIO uses the Baldrige Peformance Excellence framework to advance continuous improvement in the areas of leadership; strategy; customer engagement; measurement, analysis and knowledge management; workforce engagement and operational effictiveness. Key services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Strategic planning facilitation
  2. CliftonStrengths coaching
  3. Process mapping and improvement
  4. Liberating Structures facilitation
  5. Focus group facilitation
  6. Training facilitation

Is OIO connected to KUMC's Strategic Plan?

Yes. OIO is tasked with facilitating the KUMC strategic planning process. This includes the development of KUMC's strategic plan and support for the deployment of the plan. 

Is OIO connected to Changing for Excellence?

Yes. Changing for Excellence is a cross-campus activity and focuses on operational effectiveness. OIO is a KUMC office and is focused on aligning operational performance with the strategic plan and campus-specific objectives.

Does OIO work on campus-wide projects?

Yes, OIO engages with departments in Support Services, all three schools and each KUMC campus.

What is included in Support Services?

Support Services include: Human Resources, Information Resources, Facilities Management, Public Safety, Enterprise Analytics, Compliance Services and Laboratory Animal Resources.

How will we know if this works?

OIO uses the Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria. The goal of the Baldrige approach is performance excellence through results-oriented continuous improvement. An objective system of measurement and analysis of results is key to the framework. OIO looks at data, metrics and outcomes in addition to processes and performance. OIO commits to making these data and outcomes transparent and available to the campus community so that we can all work on continuous improvement together. For more information on the Baldrige criteria, see

What is the Show Me Challenge?

The Show Me Challenge is an organization assessment tool offered by the Excellence in Missouri Foundation (EiMF), the Baldrige organization that serves Missouri and Kansas. The assessment seeks to determine organizational strengths on which to keep building and opportunities for improvement to reach higher levels of performance. OIO worked with EiMF in 2012 to complete this analysis for Support Services and related departments. The results of the assessment were the foundation for developing priorities and work plans for our organizational improvement efforts.

Whom do I contact in OIO?

OIO is staffed by Tom Field, Cheryl Pace and Terry Rusconi, all of whom have lengthy tenures at KUMC, broad institutional knowledge and have networks of positive working relationships with KUMC faculty and staff. Tom and Cheryl are examiners for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Terry has been a Baldrige examiner and judge for the Baldrige program.

Last modified: Feb 16, 2017