A new strategic plan

February 21, 2014

More than 3,800 people work on KU Medical Center's three campuses. Each day, all of you make countless decisions and take myriad actions. Each of those decisions and actions has the power to advance our educational, research, patient care and community engagement missions. In an organization as complex and dynamic as ours, however, many of those decisions and actions take place in relative isolation, which can prevent us from reaching our highest potential.

That's why I'm happy to announce our new and improved strategic plan, which is intended to foster greater alignment and collaboration. Actually, this isn't a new strategic plan because it incorporates our 2011 strategic planning effort. That plan gave focus to many of our priorities, but our campuses have seen significant changes over the last two years. A few months ago, my leadership team looked closely at whether the plan was still responsive to changing environments on our campuses and communities.

We determined that the ideas and goals in our plan were as valid as ever. But we wanted a more useful strategic "map," and we wanted more ways to measure how well we are achieving those goals. I asked our colleagues in the Organizational Improvement Office to help rework the map and find more ways to measure success. Created by Vice Chancellor for Administration Steffani Webb last year to improve quality and performance across our campuses, the Organizational Improvement Office embraced this assignment with enthusiasm because they know from experience that collaboration and alignment - two of our core goals - lead to innovation, which is another goal.

We now have a new map, which everyone should find easier to understand as well as inspirational. The fundamental ideas haven't changed. We've still organized our goals around our core missions of education, research, patient care and community engagement; other goals, which had to do with making the best use of our infrastructure and resources, we've combined under a heading that's also a mandate: Innovate. And we've reworded the content of the boxes to emphasize each one's call to action. In the months ahead, we will further define our measures and incorporate the plan into each of your work areas. My goal is for everyone to understand how they are furthering our goals, and to be able to personally measure their effect on the success of KU Medical Center.

I'm especially excited that the word "team" appears under each goal. I've seen what's possible when people from different areas of our campus come together to solve problems and bring innovative ideas to life. I believe that all of us - yes, more than 3,800 of us - pulling together, will create dramatic movement toward our ultimate goals: Engaging minds and leading health care.

We've published a strategic planning progress report that includes just a few examples of how individuals are already engaged in that effort. The downloadable progress report and the new map are posted on our strategic planning website. Thanks to all of you for everything you're doing to help us achieve our goals.

Last modified: Nov 03, 2016