Submission of Electronic Theses or Dissertations from KUMC Campus

In 2004, the Graduate Council of the Graduate School (now Research & Graduate Studies) endorsed implementation of electronic submission and storage of theses and dissertations at the University of Kansas. This decision is consistent with the process being implemented in other major research universities and will increase the availability of theses and dissertations both within the university and to the broader academic community.

The guidelines for thesis and dissertation preparation and submission are available on the Graduate Studies website. This revision of guidelines supersede prior instructions for formatting of dissertations and theses and must be followed for all theses and dissertations submitted in the future. For this reason, do not use copies of earlier theses or dissertations as examples of format, etc. All students graduating in December 2005 and later will submit their theses or dissertations electronically through University Microfilms International (UMI). Students must still submit a paper signature form to Graduate Studies, but paper copies of the actual thesis or dissertation will no longer be required or accepted **. Theses and dissertations will need to be converted to Adobe PDF format before submission. Supplementary material can be added in other formats. Graduate office and library support staff will be available to assist you with the submission process and workshops have been conducted to orient graduating students to this new process.

Please remember that the ETD process is only a change in the method of submission and preservation of your thesis or dissertation and students will still write their thesis/dissertation as usual, and will go through the standard defense process. The ETD electronic portion of the process begins only when the dissertation is complete *** and has been approved by your committee and program.

The submission process itself will be straightforward. Students will be able to submit from any on-line computer with a high-speed internet connection by opening a web browser and pointing it to the UMI website. Once logged in, students will select KU from the list of universities and then select their degree or program from the drop-down menu. From there, students will attach an electronic copy of their thesis or dissertation (along with any necessary supplementary files) and upload to the UMI server. Help is available with this process and there will be several computers available on the KUMC campus with the appropriate software to convert you files to the Adobe Acrobat PDF format for submission.

KUMC Office of Graduate Studies staff will have usernames and passwords to enable them to retrieve the files from the UMI server. Graduate Studies staff will have access to the entire work to check for content and format. Once approved, the thesis/dissertation will be released to UMI and stored permanently on their servers.

Finally, negotiations between KU and UMI/ProQuest have ensured that no thesis or dissertation electronically submitted will be any less accessible than it would be if it were submitted in print.

**If bound copies of theses or dissertations are requested by students' advisers, or departments, or are desired for personal reasons, students will be still be able to print copies and have them bound in the same way we have traditionally done.

***A complete thesis or dissertation, by definition, is one that meets the requirements of the student's committee, the graduate division in which the student's department or program is located, and the Graduate School.

Allen B. Rawitch, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
and Dean of Graduate Studies
University of Kansas Medical Center

Last modified: Dec 12, 2012