Progress to Degree

 Progress to Degree Functions

  • Request to take Master's General Exam, Project Defense, or Thesis Defense
  • Request to take Comprehensive Oral Exam for PhD
  • Request to take Final Oral Exam (Dissertation Defense) for PhD
  • Request to take Final Oral Exam for DNP
  • Request to Change Academic Plan
  • Request to Change Subplan
  • Request to Change Admission Status from Provisional to Regular
  • Request for approval of transfer credit (master's students only)
  • Administrative Withdrawal Form

Progress to Degree System

The Progress to Degree SharePoint site is used by the academic program's Graduate Director (or designee) to request Graduate Studies approval for the above functions.  For designated users, access to the Progress to Degree system in SharePoint uses your Novell login. For the username, type "kumc\" prior to your actual login.

Progress to Degree Checklists

Last modified: Feb 11, 2016