Faculty Assembly

Faculty Assembly Steering Committee (FASC)

2016/2017 Academic Year

Committee Name/Number

Term Ends

Term Ends

Term Ends


Elections - 6
(faculty from all schools)

Mary Meyer (SON)

Beth Levant (SOM)

Heather Gibbs (SHP)

Jo Wick (SOM)

Michele Pritchard (SOM)

Dave Burnett (SHP)



Peter DiPasco (SOM)

Steering1 - 10
(3 elected, tenured or tenure track members - one from each school))

Patricia Kluding (SHP)

Ellen McCarthy (SOM)

 David Martin (SON)

Research2 - 7
(3 elected, tenured or tenure track members)

Jill Peltzer (SON)

Lisa Mische-Lawson (SHP)

Allen Greiner (SOM)

Information Resources3 - 7
(at least 4 tenured)

Eve-Lynn Nelson (SOM)

Kathy Davis (SOM)

Shin Hye Park (SON)

Aroop Pal (SOM)

Jennifer Klemp (SOM)

Norb Belz (SHP)

Stephen Williamson (SOM)

Theresa King (SOM)


Faculty Concerns4 - 7
(2 tenured or tenure track members from SOM, SON, SHP & 1 from SOM-W)

Martha (Martye) Barnard (SOM)

Jeanne Schott (SON)

Robin Maser (SHP)

Jeff Searl (SHP)

Matthew Macaluso (SOM-W)

Wanda Bonnel (SON)

Reena Rao (SOM)


SHP Steering Chair - 1

Mark Chertoff

Stephen Jernigan


SON Steering Chair - 1

Karen Wambach



SOM Steering Chair - 1

David Duchene



FASC Representative to EVC Diversity Cabinet - 1

Irina Smirnova (SHP)



Note: Faculty whose names are in bold are committee chairpersons.

Source document is the KUMC Handbook for Faculty

1Other committee members include the Chairs of the Steering Committees of SHP and SoN, the Chair of the Faculty Council of SoM, and the Chairs of other KUMC Faculty Assembly Steering Committees. The EVC or designee serves as an ex officio member (non-voting).

2Other committee members include the Chairs of the Research Committees of the SHP, SoM-KC, SoM-W, and SoN. The Chair of the Research Advisory Council serves as an ex officio members (non-voting).

3The Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Resources, the Director of the Library, and the Chief Information Officer of the hospital serve as ex officio members (non-voting).

4The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Administration serve as ex-officio members (non-voting)

Standing Committee Minutes

  • Elections
  • Faculty Concerns
  • Information Resources
  • Research
  • Steering 
    • The first meeting of the 2016/2017 academic year will be held September 8, 2016 from 1:30-3pm in the Academic Affairs conference room (5015 Wescoe)
    • Thereafter, beginning October 18, 2016, meetings will be held the third Tuesday of the month from 3:30-5pm in 5015 Wescoe

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Ellen McCarthy, MD
Faculty Assembly Committee Chair
Office: (913) 588-6048
Email: emccarthy@kumc.edu

Jenny Memmott, MME
Executive Officer for Academic Affairs & Graduate Studies and Administrative Support for Faculty Assembly
Office: (913) 588-1381
E-mail: jenmem@kumc.edu

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Faculty Assembly

Fall Meeting
November 29, 2016

Wahl Hall West


(Meeting will be broadcast to Wichita and Salina campuses - more details TBA)

Questions or concerns may be emailed to us by clicking here or by submitting a comment using the online form.

KUMC Handbook for Faculty (PDF)