2017 Campus-Wide Leadership Series: January - May

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The leadership series is about "Stories of Leaders: How They Do or Did It."  The series presents highly successful professional leaders from all fields (not just healthcare) including our KUMC campus, the Kansas City area and nationally. Our goal with the series is to teach people, through the stories of other's experiences, how to be leaders.  

Target Audience

All employees, VIPs, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend (this includes KUMC, University of Kansas Health System, KUMC RI and all others employed on the KUMC and Westwood campuses. The target audience on our Wichita and Salina campuses are welcome to join via Live Stream.

How to Register

  • To attend the KUMC campus event, click on an upcoming blue title below to sign up. The series is offered at no cost to the participants. Lunch is provided to the first 125 registered participants who show up at each event.

NOTE: To register more than one person: you must complete a seperate registration per person. Please DO NOT simply list a number of people you are registering. Once you complete each registration, return to the original "register here" webpage  to register each additional person.  If simply list a number for amount people you are registering, their name will not appear on the list as they sign in and they will not recieve a lunch.

  • LIVE STREAM AVAILABLE The link is www.kumc.edu/stream.html  The link can be opened in any browser and on mobile devices during the hour of the presentation. It is an active page on the KUMC website that is used for all event streaming such as the Campus-Wide Leadership Series.
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All 2017 events are from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m., in G013 School of Nursing Auditorium 

January 6  - The Pulse of Hope: A Surgeon's Memoirs from Poverty to Prosperity 

William A. Reed, MD, Professor, Chair, Department of Cardiovascular Diseases, CTS SURGEON ADMINISTRATIVE SER, Author, "The Pulse of Hope"

The Pulse of Hope book cover

photo from CWLS January 6 2017

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The format of this event was a "Conversation with Dr. Reed," moderated by Marty McLaughlin Jarvis. 

Dr. Reed was born in 1927 in Kokomo, Ind., to a family so poor they had to live in a church basement. Today he is one of the area's leading heart surgeons and the KUMC Center for Advanced Heart Care's surgical center is named Dr. William and Mary Reed Cardiovascular Surgery Center. 

Dr. Reed is author of a memoir about his rise in the field of medicine and life, having come from very humble beginnings with mostly an industrial education followed by a tour in the military ending in 1946. After medical school accepted an internship at the University of Kansas Medical Center while his wife, Mary, accepted a job as a nursing instructor and later worked in intensive care. Two years later, Reed was a member of the team performing the first open-heart surgery there. In 1970 he became director of thoracic surgery at St. Luke's Hospital, which was developing its heart institute and transplant program.
Dr William and Mary Reed at homeLater he helped the University of Kansas hospital's heart program become one of the largest in the Midwest.  

Dr. Reed and his wife are owners of thoroughbred racehorses and helped found the Kansas City Police Department's Mounted Patrol in 2003. His most successful horse, Perfect Drift, finished third in the 2002 Kentucky Derby and was considered one of the best horses in the country. 

February 3 - Leaders Among Us: KU is Leading-Edge Care for Athletes and Fans in Kansas City 

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No video recording will be posted.

photo of Charlie RozanskiCharlie Rozanski, Executive Director of Sports Medicine, KU Hospital Executive Offices and

photo of Dr. Vincent Key Vincent H. Key, M.D., Associate Professor, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy &
Knee Reconstruction

The category, "Leaders Among Us" is about individuals who have surprising stories behind their path to leadership while working with us on the KUMC campus.  This session ties the University of Kansas Hospital in as a "leader among us" with a story about how the hospital's path, evolved with the effort of many, to leadership in a specific medical field of sports medicine.

We hear or see, while attending games at Arrowhead, how the University of Kansas Hospital is the official healthcare provider of the Chiefs and Royals, and their fans.  Okay, so what does that mean? We will learn how the Sports Medicine team at KUMC began, the infrastructure required to build such a center, what they have learned from working with our professional athletic teams and what research issues related to injuries and providing care has come of it, something about the sports education they also provide for young athletes in the region.

March 17 - When Your Career Hits a Speedbump

Geoff Hall, President of Wayside Waifs
With more than 20 years of leadership experience in the animal welfare community, Geoff brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to Wayside Waifs. The path of his passion for animals led him through a biology degree at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and then to his first job as a penguin keeper at the Baltimore Zoo. Between his penguin gig and first job, and today, Geoff has experience as General Curator of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo; Executive Vice President/General Curator of the Phoenix Zoo; the National Aquarium in Baltimore; the first executive director of the Red River Zoo in Fargo, North Dakota where he led the design and construction of the new zoo; and on to the Kansas City Zoo where he served as Assistant Director and Chief Operating Officer. Now Geoff leads Wayside Waifs, where he continues to connect people with animals to celebrate the joy animals bring into our lives. He and his wife, our own Michele Pritchard, Ph.D., live in Missouri and share their home with "many furry, feathery and scaly creatures."  

Geoff will share his path to leadership story along with the difficult decisions entailed in seeking new job opportunities when limited geographically.  He will address some of the many complicating factors pertaining to negotiating career choices for dual career couples.   Hearing how he handled his own situation and landed such a great job, will inspire us.  

April 7 - The Father of Major League Sports Arenas - EVENT POSTPONED

Ron Labinski, FAIA, Populous Founder

In 1970, while working as a project architect on Arrowhead Stadium for a small Kansas City firm called Kivett & Myers, Labinski made a list of all the stadiums in Major League Baseball and the NFL, noting when each was built and when each team's lease came up. His vision built an empire. How to look for that gap and take the risk is applicable in any field. Innovation is the connection with medical research, healthcare education, and patient care and it is critical to the success and advancement of medicine, and to the success of the careers of our scientists, physicians, nurses and health professionals along with their trainees.

How he handled looking for the gap, and the journey which followed, is what he will discuss. Earl Santee, Populous senior principal. "Ron had the vision three decades ago to create a focused architecture firm, and along the way, he created a work-hard, play-hard culture. He started the traditions of our firm, but he also instilled in us a strong sense of creating architecture that connects with people. He wasn't just the founder of our firm - he was the founder of our brand and all that we stand for and that our clients have come to expect."

Labinski retired from Populous in 2000 but remains active in the world of sports business. He is a member of the Kansas City Sports Commission Executive Committee and served as co-chairman of the Kansas City Mayor's Task Force for the development of Sprint Center. In 2010, Labinski was also honored by Sports Business Journal as one of the inaugural class of Champion of Sports Business.

May 19 - The Role of the Arts and Education and their Cultural and Economic Impact

Tony Jones, CBE, The Nerman Family President, Kansas City Art Institute

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Tony Jones was named the 24th President of the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) a year ago and selected by the board of trustees based on his proven leadership, strategic vision and ability to unite staff, faculty and students, while inspiring enthusiasm among all constituents for the college's mission of preparing gifted students to transform the world creatively through art and design. "Of the presidents I've served under, Tony is, by far, the most charismatic and unifying leader," said Pat McCown, chairman of the board of trustees. "He has galvanized the staff, faculty and students. He's been well received by the community and has built confidence with our partners." 

He is an internationally known arts administrator, broadcaster, educator, exhibition curator and historian of art, architecture and design, as well as a consultant on higher education and the arts. Professor Jones has published several books and many essays on art and design, curated numerous exhibitions, and has hosted several television series for the BBC in Great Britain.Conferred the title Commander of the British Empire by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in 2003, Jones holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, six honorary doctorates and an array of international honors. He was conferred the Austrian Knight's Cross for services to education in Europe, elected an honorary member of the American Institute of the American Institute of Architects and received the Distinguished Service Award of the American Lawyers for the Arts, to mention only a few. In 2011, an historic landmark building in downtown Chicago was named Jones Hall in his honor. He is married to the distinguished American photographer Patty Carroll, and the couple is currently residing in Kansas City.

JUNE 23 - Working IN Your Business vs ON Your Business

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Marge Epperson 2016 jpgMarge Epperson, CEO, Physical Therapy Partners LLC (dba PTpartners) 

Marge Epperson is one of the KC Business Journal's 2016 Top 25 Women Who Mean Business, not to mention she's a KU Graduate. 

For 10 years she has overseen the performance and profitability of PT Partners, a national equity and management partner in physical therapy facilities with a portfolio of 54 facilities in 9 states and more than 300,000 patient visits generating throughout the network, $27 million in revenue.  With 30 years in health care as an occupational therapist, going beyond what was expected helped her succeed, but it was her ah-ha moment of recognizing she was spending too much time working "in" the business rather than "on" the business that made the difference.Please join us while she shares her career journey of success and the aha moment she experienced along the way.  

Honing our professional skills or work ethics can drastically influence career success. Sharing how she came to realize or recognize she was spending too much time working "IN" the business rather than "ON" the business" and then how she changed her professional habits as the result, is quite fascinating. 


The KUMC Campus Wide Leadership Series is an opportunity unlike any other on campus, It aims at all employees and trainees with the purpose of sharing stories of leaders in the community and beyond. The leadership series was one of our most consistently well attended programs for the last 13 years. The new 2017 Spring Series will live up to its reputation when the Office of Academic & Student Affairs (OASA), Executive Officer Jenny Memmott takes over for Marty McLaughlin Jarvis, OASA Executive Director who is retiring this year. 

We look for three basic components in a Campus-Wide Leadership Series presentation.

  • First, we ask presenters to "tell their story"-- their background; what drives them; who their mentors were or who inspired them along the way; and what obstacles they had to overcome and how they overcame them to reach their level of success.
  • Second, "address their personal leadership style" -- present the challenges and solutions to keeping everyone focused on the goal simultaneous to overcoming inherited handicaps in their business or life's dream; obstacles and limitations imposed on the job or task at hand; public relations and scrutiny; the challenges one faces from a diverse world; and two or three tips about their personal methods, style or philosophy about how to lead a team to success. 
  • Lastly and for the majority of the presentation we ask them to provide a unique focus from their own field or business, whatever that may be.


The series is organized by the Office of Academic & Student Affairs (OASA) and co-sponsored by the University of Kansas Hospital, University of Kansas Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions plus the Office of Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies. All events are offered at no cost to the participants, and lunch is provided to the first 125 participants one the pre-registration list who show up.  Questions or suggestions, please contact Jenny Memmott. 

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