KUMC Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies

Our Mission

The University of Kansas Medical Center's Office of Academic Affairs & Graduate Studies (OAA) is headed by Robert M. Klein, Ph.D., the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Dr. Klein is the chief academic officer for the Medical Center academic community providing leadership and guidance for academic units in our three schools (Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions). Our OAA team is dedicated to serving graduate students, postdocs, faculty and other staff members, plus our International population in all those categories of the Medical Center in support of academic and research pursuits and our goal is to enable their success in supporting the academic mission of the univerisity. 

The OAA Team includes:

  • Faculty Affairs
  • Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Graduate Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (IGPBS)
  • International Programs
  • Interprofessional Development

The team helps units understand and comply with state, national and international standards.  Academic Affairs recognizes that the success of our KUMC academic units is critical in achieving KU's aspiration to be recognized as a top-tier public international research university and the mission of the Medical Center to serve Kansas through excellence in education, research, patient care and community engagement.

Our Services, Goals & Outcomes

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is the chief liaison to the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) for matters related to academic affairs for the University of Kansas Medical Center's (KUMC) academic community.  The chief liaison:

  • Builds relationships and collaborates with academic parnters across KBOR institutions.
  • Works with the Office of Institutional Research and Planning to develop and track KUMC performace indicators, establish goals, and provide reports to the Kansas Board of Regents.
  • Oversees academic program approval and review for KBOR.
  • Develops successful assessment mechanisms to guide acreditation reports.

Should you need additional information about any of our programs you may contact me via email at rklein@kumc.edu or by calling our office at 913-588-0146.  In addition, because it is our desire to continue to improve our programs, any suggestions are welcome and may be transmitted either to me via the same email address.

Last modified: Nov 14, 2017

Bob Klein

Robert M. Klein, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology