Travel Awards

Due to funding, travel awards are not being offered at this time.  KPS and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs will contact postdoctoral fellows if the status on this changes.  Thank you!

Travel Award Criteria

Travel awards applications from eligible individuals are evaluated competitively. For consideration of this award, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a registered and active member of the Kansas Postdoctoral Society (KPS). To become a member, please contact KPS at for an application form.
  2. Completion of the most current application form in addition to submission of an abstract to meeting organizers. Applicants who submit an abstract to a meeting, but have not yet learned if it was accepted, may apply for funding and must include an explanation of the circumstances on the application form. An award may be made contingent upon the acceptance of the abstract, with verification to be provided at the time that the awardee submits his/her original receipts for reimbursement and a copy of the registration receipt. 
  3. The applicant must present their research at the indicated meeting (either a podium presentation or poster presentation). The applicant should also be the first author for the presented research. When the applicant is not the first author, an explanation should be provided in a cover letter.
  4. The presented research must have been carried out at KUMC, and be highly original. A significantly different abstract must be submitted, if applicant has previously received a travel award.
  5. Provision of matching or supplemental funds by the student, student's advisor, or the student's department. This provision should be addressed in the Mentor's letter to be included with the application.
  6. The applicant must agree to participate in the KUMC Postdoctoral Research Day and present the research for which the travel award is being awarded.
  7. The applicant is not eligible if they or any other member of the applicant's laboratory has received this award within the previous award cycle.

KPS Travel Award Application Form

Once eligibility has been verified The Kansas Postdoctoral Society Travel Award Review Committee evaluates and ranks the applications and makes funding recommendations based on the strengths of the application and the overall quality of the abstract. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate that their attendance at the indicated meeting is scientifically appropriate, timely for the communication of their laboratory's findings, and is a critical component of their postdoctoral training and/or career progression.

Travel awards will be limited to one award per award cycle per laboratory of the applicant. Travel that exceeds eight days must be accompanied by an itinerary. Please be aware that rental cars are not reimbursable, however, other travel costs such as taxis and buses are.

Please note that all reimbursements are made payable to individual awardees or the PI that is providing the matching funds. Incomplete applications will NOT be forwarded to the Committee for consideration.

Last modified: Jan 13, 2015