Welcome to the Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (KIDDRC) web site. The mission of the KIDDRC is to support high quality basic and applied research relevant to the causes and prevention of intellectual and developmental disabilities. We also support research aimed at the prevention and remediation of some of the many secondary conditions associated with intellectual and developmental disabilities, such as difficulty in language acquisition and behavior problems. 
For over four decades our Center, in partnership with the Eunice K. Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Developmentand other federal agencies, has played a major role in generating effective behavioral interventions aimed at the causes, prevention, and treatment for intellectual and related developmental disabilities, and in delineating basic knowledge of the underlying biology of typical and atypical development. We have accomplished this by uniting researchers and clinicians in a common effort at three critical sites within the state of Kansas: the University of Kansas in Lawrence,Juniper Gardens Children's Project; and the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City.

- Peter Smith, Co-Director; John Colombo, Director

The major research and office locations of the KiDDRC. Left to right: Robert E. Hemenway Life Sciences Innovation Center (2008), the The Robert Dole Human Development Center (1990) and the Children's Campus of Kansas City (2010)

Last modified: Feb 25, 2014
News and Events

08/13/13 John Colombo and Susan Carlson: DHA-enriched formula in infancy linked to positive cognitive outcomes in childhood

08/12/13 Mabel Rice: Study finds prenatal anti-HIV meds not linked to children's language delays

07/29/13 Kathy Thiemann-Bourque:$1.2 million to support communication intervention based on iPad app for preschoolers with autism

07/24/13 Peter Smith: $50,000 grantKansas City Area Life Sciences Institute to analyze "connectome" o understand how brain projections are altered in genetic developmental disorders

06/11/13 Spring 2013 KIDDRC Newsletter

05/02/13 Huffington Post: KU's Greenwood explains sequestration effect on publicly-supported science

04/10/13 Holly Storkel: $1.5 million clinical trial will test book reading to treat Specific Language Impairment