South Africa - Urban - Johannesburg

South Africa - Urban - Johannesburg

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                   a)   Visitors to South Africa for tourism, short business meetings, or those in transit do not require visas for stays 
                         of up to 90 days. It is strongly suggested that all travelers check the latest requirements with the nearest 
                         South African Embassy or Consulate before traveling.
                   b)   Please Note: South African law requires travelers to have one (1) totally blank (unstamped) visa page in their
                         passport in order to enter the country. In practice, however, travelers often need to have more than one blank page.
                         There have been numerous instances in which South African immigration officers required travelers to have two (2) fully blank 
                         pages. Some travelers have been refused entry and returned to their point of origin. 

                    Dawn Francis, Elective Officer:
                    Room 4B18
                    Faculty of Health Sciences
                    University of the Witwatersrand
                    7 York Road
                    Parktown 2193
                    South Africa
                    Tel: 27 11 717 2025
                    Fax: 27 11 643 4318

Application Process:

                     Application Information
                     This should be done at least 6 months in advance as they book up fast
                     Trauma Unit applications need to be done a year in advance

Application Fees:

                     No money is required with the application. They will send payment information with approval notice via email. 
                     a)   ZAR 1750.00 (approx. $161 USD) per week per student or ZAR 7000 (approx. $646 USD) for one month.
                     b)   HPCSA registration fee of ZAR 558.00 (approx. $51 USD). Please note: This is due to increase on April 1, 2014.
                     c)   Payment of the elective registration fee is required in full on the day of arrival/registration with the Elective Office. 
                     d)   Payment method is by credit card.
                     e)   There is NO refund of registration fees under any circumstance.

Rotation Information:
                     Available to: SOM
                     For a list of options for the rotation, please visit the website:

                     a)   They provide information on housing both on and off campus (private) but students are expected to make their own accommodation
                           arrangements. Students are given information on accommodations with their written confirmation of acceptance to the program.
                     b)   With regards to private accommodation (homes in neighboring suburbs to the University), students would have to hire a motor vehicle to
                           commute to the hospitals. 
                     c)   It is advised that the students use campus residences as the University provides a free daily shuttle bus service to their teaching hospitals.
                           For further information please visit:  E:


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