South Africa - Rural - Manguzi

South Africa - Rural - Manguzi Hospital

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               a)   Visitors to South Africa for tourism, short business meetings, or those in transit do not require visas for stays
                     of up to 90 days. It is strongly suggested that all travelers check the latest requirements with the nearest
                     South African Embassy or Consulate before traveling.
               b)   Please Note: South African law requires travelers to have one (1) totally blank (unstamped) visa page in their 
                     passport in order to enter the country. In practice, however, travelers often need to have more than one blank page.
                     There have been numerous instances in which South African immigration officers required travelers to have two (2) fully blank
                     pages. Some travelers have been refused entry and returned to their point of origin.


                 Dr. Rebecca Arangies -

Application Process:
a)      There is not application process. 
                b)      They take students on a first come, first serve basis. They can take up to four students at one time.
                c)      In the past, they have reserved February for KUMC students.

Application Fees:

                No cost

Rotation Information:

                Available to: SOM
a)      Students are involved in all areas of the hospital, e.g., medical, TB, surgical, obstetrics, pediatrics, 
                         resuscitation unit, intensive care, and the nursery.
                b)      Please reference the website:


                 a)      There is a house at the hospital with four beds.  The cost is R800 (approx. $72 USD) for the month.
                 b)      Students have to pay for all other living costs.
                 c)      Students have to arrange their own transportation to/from the hospital.

Please note: OIP staff has asked Dr. Arangies to find a private driver for KUMC students.

Last modified: Sep 30, 2015